Todd Hess

Agent / Broker

With over 10 years of Southern Utah health insurance experience, Todd has seen it all. Whether you're navigating the complexities of Obamacare, Medicaid or Medicare, let Todd help.

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Providing care for yourself and those you love

Individual Health Insurance

Did you recently lose employer coverage or get divorced? Did your spouse recently qualify for Medicare and you need coverage for yourself? Did you just turn 26 and are no longer on your parents’ coverage? Recently get out of jail? We can get you the individual health coverage you need.

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Family Health Insurance

Coverage for parents, children or the whole family. Do you have children on Medicaid and need coverage for yourself? Did you recently lose coverage for Medicaid? We can help you too!

Putting the CARE back into Medicare

Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage

We know the ins and outs of Medicare. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by the deluge of mail and TV advertisements you get assaulted with.  Whether you qualify for Medicare based on age (65+) or disability, we can help. If you’re one who avoids doctors like the plague and only needs catastrophic coverage, we have options for you. If you have limited funds, you have options too. If you’re one who has specific needs from chronic conditions and need specialized doctors and treatments, we can help. Schedule an appointment now. Let’s chat!

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Medicare Prescription Coverage

Costly trips to the pharmacy month after month often dwarf what people spend at the hospital or the doctor’s office. We understand the money doesn’t grow on trees, so why settle for a generic prescription drug plan? In most counties there are over 20 prescription drug plans at your disposal. You have options. Schedule an appointment so we can help you determine which plan is best for you.